Thursday, August 20, 2009

Imagine This.......

Soooo,imagine you're on an island.
Any island.
Pick one.
I know where this event occured,but it could happen on any island.....

So,anyways,you're on this island,visiting dear friends,and it's decided,"Let's go to -----."(you fill in the blank), "-------is playing there,tonite."

You get there,and find out they are closing down,at closing time,for a long week-end to refurbish the place,which hasn't been been done since the 20's(1920's,that is),or whenever.

"Take whatever you want." the bartender says.

"The barstools,too?" you jokingly ask.

Come closing time,and after quite a few adult beverages I might add,people(including the night's performer,who happens to be an old high school friend,and the bouncer)are loading barstools into,and onto,a SUV.(a hybrid SUV!)

You wake up in the morning and find this.......

"What the He@# are we gonna do with those?!" you ask.

Refinish 'em!

but first,you have to get them home 120+ miles in the back of the Tacoma,to be greeted with,"What the Hell have you brought home this time?"

After being totally dismantled,bleached(those leg rungs were sooo nasty!Don't wanna tell ya what was on them.),removal of those nasty blue vinyl seats,and numerous coats of stripper,you end up with this....... After staining,you get to this point........ and the finished product! Well worth the effort of getting 'em home,etc. wouldn't you say? Never know what you're gonna find in a bar,do ya?


Barbara Jacksier said...

Love the story! New fabric seats are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You did a great job with the chair.

Gayle said...

You put a considerable amount of work into the chairs. I've done this with cabinets and it is very time consuming. They are just beautiful. (I would have hauled them home, too).

Steve Myers, Broker said...

Those came out so nice! I am not that talented. lol

Kathi said...

Looks gorgeous!!! Great job!
Love the story too! :)

Brenda said...'s so fun to see what something not so nice can turn into..Love it!!!!