Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here's An Interesting Idea.......

Candle holderActually,quite simple to make.
All you will need is:
a clay flower pot and the drip tray that matches it
a glue gun(w00t!!!)
terra cotta colored craft paint
some white craft paint mixed with glazing medium
And tourist shells.
All available at a craft store,except for the shells,which you will have to go to a beach for.

Turn the flower pot upside down.Hot glue the tray(right side up) to the bottom(which has now become the top) of the pot.Hot glue the shells on to the pot,in any arrangement you prefer.Paint everything with the terra cotta craft paint.Let dry,thoroughly.And glaze it with the white craft paint mixed with the glazing medium,so it looks like aged terra cotta.
Fill the drip tray with sand and plop a candle in it!
You could also surround the candle with more shells( buttercups look especially nice--"Why do you build me up......" )

Voila' !!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here's A Neat Idea

Take an old,broken,outdoor water tap and put an old Christmas ornament in it.
Voila!It spins in the breeze and looks like water coming out of it.I think it would be neat to have a blue tinted glass ornament coming out of it,too.