Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hanging Patio Lantern

Let's make another hanging lantern for the garden,shall we?
For this project,we're gonna need very,very little.
-An old bottle
-One of those kits that turn a bottle into an oil lantern.I got mine many,many moons ago, at Michael's Crafts.I just never found a bottle I wanted to use,until today,when the crafting muse bit me! "Hey!I got an idea.You know what you could do with that bottle?"
-Wire cutter
-Needle nose pliers
-Heavy gauge wire,which I relocated from J's work area.What's he use it for anyways?
Cut a length of wire to fit around the neck of the bottle.Make sure it's long enough so you can twist two loops for the hanger.The piece I used was long enough that I could make decorative thingies on the ends.
Cut another length for the hanger.Just bend it in half,and thread it thru the two loops.

Another lantern for the garden,patio,porch,lanai.
I wouldn't advise hanging this from a tree(I just did this for a photo-op),unless you want a forest fire.And firemen at your house.It's up to you.....


Gayle said...

Firemen wouldn't be so bad if they were coming by for a beer.

Love it. What a pretty bottle. You are such a crafty gal. Did you keep the tools?

Anonymous said...

Now how in blazes did I miss this blog? Turns out you are crafty too! I really like it all, especially the shell and urchin stuff. Neato. I will stay tuned.