Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seashell Lamp

Yep-you can use the same technique as the flower pots,on a lamp.

This started out as one of those clay colored ginger-jar lamps.You know the ones.The type everybody had back in the 70's and 80's.A new millenium,a new lamp!

You use the exact,same techinque,as the flower pots,except you don't have to use the concrete sealer on it.You need to make sure the shells are really tight together,or you're gonna get dust bunnies in there.And you don't want that.Yuck!
Spray it well with the polyurethane sealer at the end.That makes it easier to dust(if you are so inclined to dust.......which,I try to avoid,if I can.I'd rather make things than dust,but I digress).

Let there be light!


lili11 said...

This is neat! It will look great in the garden (I mean as a flower pot, without the lamp). It will look great in the corner of my living room as well. Wow ...

Gayle said...

I just went through several posts and you sure have found a lot of neat things to do with the shells you collect. I notice you use the hot glue gun a lot...those must work well in your warmer and humid air. It's just too dry here and I can never get anythign to stay put with them (and I try).

Tootie said...

Woah!!! I am just seeing your lamp! I love it!!!