Sunday, November 23, 2008


This first wreath has "craft" shells and fake(meaning plastic) starfish on it.I used plastic because it hangs outside,on our back door.Instead of ribbon,I used real rope.And the netted bow is meant to be reminiscent of a fish net(which I intend to use someday).
I got the idea for this second wreath from Tootie's blog.....I just hot glued all my beach treasures,broken Sand Dollars,"craft" shells,and bent up Starfish to a grape vine wreath.We have a yard full of Spanish Moss,so I just grabbed some out of our trees(if you should ever do that,either spray it with bug spray,or moisten it and microwave it for about one minute-you don't want any critters in your house!)


Tootie said...

Chris, I really like your new crafty things. :-)

amarkonmywall said...

Hi Chris- I know I"m going back a ways but I came by to visit since you've been by with such nice comments to my place several times. And first I linked to the other blog but then I came over here and I REALLY like this last wreath. At Christmas time I was looking for one just like this and didn't find anything this nice. Remind me, around Nov., to contact you about a wreath! ;-)